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Razis to take over agri enterprises in Kherson region and force farmers to sow for Russia


The war in Ukraine is raging not only at the front-line, but there is a struggle for agricultural enterprises, food stocks, labor force.

The occupiers appropriate the farms property, take goods out of storages, and force workers to work for them. Those who disagree are threatened with physical violence.

Agrarian from Kherson region and UAC member, Albert Cherepakha is the owner of the enterprises of LLC «Agro-Sodruzhestvo» and PE «Sodruzhestvo-Pivden», cultivating some 20 thousand hectares.

«Groups of armed Chechens, calling themselves Kadyrovites, entered my business units in the Genichesk district on April 11−12. We have bases in the villages of Chongar, Chervonoye, Pavlovka, our land bank makes 20 thousand hectares. The gunmen said that from now on the company’s property belongs to them. The heads of the units were warned that they would be beheaded in case of property losses,» — reports the agrarian.

According to him, the groups of invaders are led by the separatist S. Nemitulaev.

Currently, the company’s employees are forced to work for the occupiers' benefit.

«The invaders are now running the production processes at the enterprise: they commanded my workers to start sowing, to prepare an application for the necessary inputs. For this end they started to take out and sell goods stored in stocks,» — adds the farmer.


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