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«We negotiate direct deliveries of grain to the Lithuanian’s Port of Klaipėda through a new railway in Poland,» said Andrii Dykun


The UAC Chairman Andrii Dykun met with the representatives of the Economic Committee of the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania, who recently arrived in the capital of Ukraine. The delegation was accompanied by representatives of a number of relevant associations of Lithuania — builders, grain producers, chamber of commerce.

The main goal of cooperation of Lithuanian partners with Ukrainian profile associations is to promote Ukrainian exports, which have significant logistical difficulties due to the blockade of ports by Russia.

«I had only two requests to our partners — to help unlock the ports and help build 300 km of railway track in Poland for direct grain supplies to the Lithuanian’s Port of Klaipėda. This port will be able to ship 20 million tons of agricultural products annually. We received full support for this project from Lithuanian partners,» commented the UAC Chairman Andrii Dykun.

Members of the Lithuanian Seimas Committee noted that currently the main problem with rail transport to Klaipėda and other European ports was the non-synchronization of wide Ukrainian railways and narrow European ones. The construction of narrow-gauge railways in Ukraine will take a long time, and the issue of exports is critical. Therefore, Lithuania also proposes to expand the section passing through Poland to Lithuania, and it will be a special wide track, which allows not to waste time and efforts on overloading cars.

The threat of global hunger due to the destruction of grain logistics in Ukraine as a result of the war with Russia was also discussed. One of the options to solve the problem is to establish the export of Ukrainian grain through Lithuanian ports.

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