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  International Dairy Congress
We determine the record-breaking cow of Ukraine by milking — International Dairy Congress 2021


The increase in productivity of cows on industrial dairy farms is an indisputable fact, but there is a myth that Holstein can not live more than 2-3 lactations.

The increase in productivity of cows on industrial dairy farms is an indisputable fact, but there is a myth that Holstein can not live more than 2−3 lactations.

We are destroying it: on ordinary Ukrainian farms it is not strange 7−8 lactations for Holstein, more than 80 tons of «extra» milk and not a single case of mastitis.

Let's determine the record-breaking cow of Ukraine for lifelong milking before the International Dairy Congress!

Any farm in Ukraine can take part.

Read the terms of participation at the link.

The winners will be announced during the first day of the International Dairy Congress!

1−2 June, KievExpoPlaza

To register:

follow the link

or call: Oksana Molchanova +380 674 705 563, 4 744 46 756

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