global food crisis, political destabilization
The consequences of the war will be a global food crisis and political destabilization, - said the President of Ukraine


This war may be followed by a global food crisis and political destabilization. This issue was stated by President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyi at the G7 summit.

«There has been a global catastrophe. Russia has destroyed the global security architecture and dealt a powerful blow to international relations. But this is just the beginning. This war could be followed by a global food crisis. The longer there is no peace in Ukraine, the less food the world market will receive from Ukraine. In many countries in Asia, Africa and Europe, there may even be extraordinary problems with access to basic products and food prices,» the President said.

He stressed that the war will definitely end with political destabilization.

«Maybe this is also the goal of the Russian leadership, I don't know. We must all act immediately. To stop Russian troops immediately and remove them from the territory of Ukraine.»

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