Ukrainian agricultural products
The biggest quantity of Ukrainian agricultural products exported to Türkiye will remain under 0% import rate


Starting from May 1, 2023, Türkiye plans to reintroduce import duties on key grain crops for all exporting countries. The duty will amount to 130% and will apply exclusively to the following crops: wheat, barley, corn, rye, oats and sorghum.

Türkiye is an important importer of Ukrainian wheat. However, the majority of Ukrainian grain is not subject to this duty, as our products are imported to Türkiye mainly for sale to third countries and are exempt from this payment.

Türkiye has two customs import modes:

— The first one is for products used for domestic consumption. Specifically for such products, the Turkish Government announced a temporary zero import rate. This preferential mode has now expired. And the 130% duty rate is coming back.

— The second mode is for products that are sold to third countries before or after processing. No duty is paid in this case.

Ukraine supplies products to Türkiye mainly under the second customs mode. In terms of percentage, about 5% of all exports to Turkey are supplied under the first mode, which is subject to the customs duty to be reintroduced.

For reference: according to the State Customs Service of Ukraine, in the first quarter of 2023, Türkiye imported Ukrainian wheat worth USD 168.8 million, which is 17.7% of its total imports.

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