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State GeoCadastre features data on more than 30 mln ha of farmland


As of April 6, 2020, data have been entered into the State GeoCadastre on 21.4 mln land plots with the total area of 43.8 mln ha (22.9 thou. newly formed land plots with the area of 21.9 thou. ha during the last week), including 14.3 mln agricultural land plots with the total area of 31.2 mln ha.

As reported by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, the process of entering information into the State GeoCadastre on administrative and territorial units is in progress: out of the total number of settlements in the territory of Ukraine, data on the borders of 6,831 administrative and territorial units (120 within the last week) and the normative monetary value of lands in 3,187 settlements (45 within the last week) were entered upon applications of local self-government authorities.

Over the past week, state cadastral registrars received 25.2 thou. applications for registration of land plots (including newly formed land plots as a result of division, unification and establishment or restoration of borders), 24.3 thou. land plots were registered, including 21.4 thou. applications formed by certified land surveyor engineers online and 20.8 thou. land plots were documented.

«In total, the main departments of the State GeoCadastre for the period from March 30 to April 6, 2020, through the administrative support centres issued 6.2 thou. extracts, including 4.4 thou. extracts ordered on the official website of the State GeoCadastre,» — the Government press service informs.


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