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Raw milk prices are stabilizing


As of June 19, purchase prices for raw milk of Extra and Higher Grades have not changed since the preliminary monitoring in the first half of June. Only Grade I became cheaper. Compared to the results of the monitoring conducted in the second half of May, raw milk prices in Ukraine decreased by only 0.03−0.09 UAH, depending on the grade. Prices are stabilizing, as raw milk production in Ukraine and its processing are approaching balance. There is almost no surplus of raw milk on the market, — says the analyst of the Association of Milk Producers, Georgy Kukhaleishvili.

The average purchase price of Extra Grade milk was 11.55 UAH/kg without VAT, which is only 0.03 UAH less than in the second half of May. The range of prices for this grade in farms varies from 10.50 to 12.20 UAH/kg without VAT and remained at the same level as in the second half of May.

Higher Grade on average costs 11.55 UAH/kg without VAT, which is 0.03 UAH less than in May. Prices for Higher Grade milk range from 10.00 to 12.00 UAH/kg without VAT. The price range has not changed since the second half of May.

The average price of Grade I was 11.07 UAH/kg without VAT and decreased by 0.09 UAH over the last month. The minimum price in farms was 9.50 UAH/kg and remained at the same level as at the end of May. The maximum price for Grade I was 10.92 UAH/kg, which is 0.03 UAH less than a month ago.

Accordingly, the weighted average price of the three grades amounted to 11.39 UAH/kg without VAT and decreased by 0.05 UAH.

Compared to the monitoring conducted at the beginning of June, the prices of Extra and Higher grades have not changed, and Grade I became cheaper by 0.06 UAH.

Giorgiy Kukhaleishvili suggests that prices for raw milk in Ukraine will stabilize after a period of decline in the spring, as milking volumes have decreased in the summer, and the peak of the big milk season in Europe has already passed. There is almost no remaining milk on the market, and its quantity corresponds to the needs of processing enterprises in the conditions of limited demand for dairy products in the domestic and export markets.

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