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Foreigners will be granted access to the land market from 2024 onwards


Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine has updated the land market bill No. 2178-10, which could become a major land reform implementation in Ukraine.

According to the document, foreigners will be granted access to the land market from 2024 onwards.  

This is stated in the exclusive material of AgroPolit.com.

The document is an alternative to the Government Bill on the Land Market in Ukraine # 2178.

“In the next two weeks, we will be discusding 11 land bills that have been registered in the Parliament.  There is no talk about voting for the bills or directing them for debates in VR. We will discuss all the theses of all the bills with agrarians and only then work out a single mechanism.  I think that there will be possibly developed one single comprehensive bill on the free market of land,” – commented Mykola Solsky, the chairman of the Committee on Agrarian and Land Policy, on the draft law registered in Verkhovna Rada.

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