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Milk prices monitoring. October


In October, prices for raw milk continued to rise.

This is reported by Volodymyr Andriyets, an analyst of the Association of Milk Producers.

So, price for Extra Grade milk went up by 0.13 UAH/kg and costs an average of 10.66 UAH/kg. Higher Grade added 0.18 UAH/kg, it costs an average of 10.04 UAH/kg. Grade I grew up by 0.16 UAH/kg with an average price of 9.69 UAH/kg.

The difference between the grades: Extra-Higher — 0.62 UAH/kg, Higher-Grade I — 0.35 UAH/kg. The weighted average price of three grades is 10.13 UAH/kg.

Prices for Extra Grade in the northern region fluctuate in the range of 9.6−10.9 UAH/kg, in the central region — 10−10.86 UAH/kg, in the southern region — 9.6−10.92 UAH/kg, in the eastern region — 9.78- 10,8 UAH/kg.

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