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Milk prices monitoring. January


Purchase prices for milk in January showed a slight decrease. This is due to sluggish export trade. Export-oriented processors and traders are still working to conclude new contracts.

This was reported by analyst of Association of Milk Producers of Ukraine (AMP) Yana Muzychenko.

As a result, the average price for Extra Grade milk in January was 10.11 UAH/kg, which is 0,04 UAH/kg lower than the price of December. Higher Grade cost 9.65 UAH/kg, which is 0,05 UAH/kg cheaper than the previous month, and Grade I cost 9.25 UAH/kg (+0,05 UAH/kg).

The stock of dairy products in warehouses, formed in January and strengthening of hryvnia, leads to the fact that in the first half of February, the price scenario on the Ukrainian milk market develops somewhat in a lowered trend. Price stabilization should be expected closer to the end of February.

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