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Complete silence in the milk price market


The latest monitoring confirms the complete silence in the market, which has lasted for almost two months — according to the analytical department of the Association of Milk Producers.

Prices for all types of milk remain unchanged: extra — UAH 12.15/kg, higher — UAH 11.7/kg, the first — UAH 11.08/kg, weighted average — UAH 11.64/kg. Range of price fluctuations for medium and large batches of extra grade milk by regions: north and center — UAH 11.7−12.45/kg; south — 11.7−12.45; east — 11.6−12.4 UAH / kg; measure — 11.6−12.35 UAH/kg.

«It is not the first time that milk prices have held their positions for a long time. However, this development was predictable and it was previously expected that the seasonal decline would be shifted over time due to low profitability and shortage of raw materials, «said Volodymyr Andriіets, an analyst at the Association of Milk Producers.

In previous years, the downward trend began in late January, but last year the then existing milk shortage postponed the start of the seasonal decline, which began in the second half of February. Then the price of the first grade changed first, while the prices for extra and higher grades lasted until mid-March.

It is currently expected that the downward movement of prices is possible no earlier than mid-March, when more milk will appear on the market.

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