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Forecast for milk and dairy products prices. September 2018


After the July decrease of prices on the world dairy market, in late August prices began to recover, especially in Europe.

Current prices are: cheese (3893 USD/t; +1,9%), butter (6733 USD; +1,4%), SPM (1973 USD/t; +3,3%) and SWM (3513 USD/t; +2,5%). The average milk price increased by 1.8% to 38.47 USD per 100 kg.

On the Ukrainian market, purchase price for milk also grew under the influence of the seasonal reduction of milk production and devaluation of hryvnia. The price for Extra Grade milk will add about 0.10−0.15 UAH in September.

Increase of prices should be expected on the shelves of stores. This will be due to the traditional factors of seasonality and the increase in the cost of the finished product. The devaluation of hryvnia and the increase in utility bills will be the main reason for this. In September, it is expected that the price for dairy products in retail will be up to 3%: milk 2.5% - 27 UAH, cream — 89 UAH/kg, butter 82.5% fat — 217 UAH/kg, spread — 90 UAH/kg, Russian cheese of 50% fat — 198 UAH/kg.